Some practical tips on how to meditate.

Today, I want to share some practical tips on how to approach meditation with you.

  • Start with very short intervals e.g. one minute and then increase the time span slowly.
  • Try to practice every day. You can do it in the subway, tram, office or at home.
  • Try out and then find a sitting posture that suites you best. Three options: cross-legged position (knees lower than hips), hugging you knees in front of your chest, sit with the bolster between your knees (like riding a horse) – your spine is always straight.
  • Start meditating in stages: bring your awareness to your body (feel each part), then to your breath (focus on the “object” breath), come to the “hear and now” – catch all thoughts that are in the future or past or in the “neighboring presents“ (other locations), calm your mind down and listen to all sounds next to you, find your center and upright position.
  • You can also use the help of a guided meditation before starting to meditate on your own, e.g. Headspace is an app you can use. Or go to a meditation course to find out more about the topic, e.g. Meditas is a beautiful meditation center in Vienna (Rauhensteingasse 4/2, 1010).

Difference between meditation, trance and hypnosis. Meditation: clear and focused mind, you are on the steering wheel. Trance & hypnosis: somebody else is leading you somewhere and has the “control”, you could have trance phenomenon like lights, pictures, emotions.

What is the correct method of meditation according to Krishna?

Krishna was one of the most important yogis in history. He transformed the idea of yoga and the “Bhagavad Gita“ were written according to him.

The techniques for meditation are the following:

  • Sit in a clean place, in a stable posture, on something soft and comfortable that doesn’t conduct electricity (to not disturb your energy field). Sit at the right height (knee is lower than hips). Because the gravitation force works least at an 90 degree angle, which means your disks (spine) will degenerate less.
  • With your whole attention gather all your energy to try to gain mastery over the senses and your mind.
  • Keep the body, head and neck in a straight line. Without moving, softly look at the tip of the nose with gently relaxed, half-shut eyes.
  • Sit in silence. Drop fears and desires by remembering you are not the mind. Detach your energy from your mind so that it can move to the center of your being. This is the ultimate goal of a yogi’s life.

I hope some of these tips where helpful for you.

Namaste & so much love,


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