Change your perspective! 

Since I moved out of my mum’s home in Leopoldsdorf to my first own flat, I feel like a new person. I feel more calm, stable and responsible. For the first time I feel like my destiny is in my hands – I can do whatever I like – because it is up to me. 

Now, some of you will think, this must have been possible before too and what is the difference? 

Sometimes, all we need is a CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE. 

This helps to see other / more options, which seem to be hidden or invisible before. The only obstacle is our human resistance to CHANGE… We often relate a lot of fear with change, as the outcome is something unknown and unpredictable. You can only guess and imagine what the change will bring, but never know for sure. Here my beloved expression of COMFORT ZONE CRUSHING comes in. This entails stepping out of your normal range of options and actions (your comfort zone), into a new world. This normally is, where the magic happens :). Here you have the potential of growth, evolution and development.

There are several possibilities of changing one’s perspective – apart from moving to another apartment or house: 

One of the most effective is to TRAVEL! Just hop in your car or on the plane and drive / fly to another country. Often, the further you go, the more extreme the difference will be. I can say that travelling definitely opened my eyes and broadened my perspective –> everytime. It is one of the best ways to find out more about oneself and potential. 

An easier and quicker way is to TAKE ANOTHER ROUTE home or to work. Just try to walk/drive on a different street or take another medium of public transport. Since, I live in my flat in the third district, I try to bike everywhere. I can just tell you it is absolutely amazing. I feel so free and independent, as I don’t have to wait for any subway, bus etc. I am quicker, get my workout and do something good for the environment. Furthermore, I am completely changing up my perspective. I am discovering the biking scene in Vienna. The routes are totally different to my normal ones, I get to see more of the beautiful city of Vienna and am able to feel the fresh breeze of air everytime I hop on the bike. I just recently told friends of mine, that it feels like I am just finding out the first time about this city, although I have lived and studied here for most of my life. All of this thanks to a new PERSPECTIVE.

If the above mentioned tools seem to much work, there is a very simple and easily accessible option for you. Just imagine you are somebody else and step into the other persons role. For example, if you look on the picture at the top, there is a little child in the middle… just try imagining you are this child… This will be an amazing experience on its own.

In YOGA, there is an quite simple way of changing your point of view. Just go and do an inversion :D. E.g. Headstand, handstand, forearmstand and so on. Apart from the health benefits and different perspective it is a lot of fun.

If I have still not convinced you about how amazing a new perspective feels, I would still encourage you to try it out for a few days and then decide what your opinion on it is.

Here are some more options you can choose: 

  • Try some totally new food – either cook it yourself or go to an exotic restaurant.
  • Go to a meeting, party etc. where you hardly know anyone – or for the brave people, where you don’t know anyone.
  • Try a new type of sport or excercise e.g. YOGA (some hidden marketing here).
  • Something funny at the end: try out brushing your teeth with the hand you don’t normally use (feels a little weird^^).


Namaste & so much love,


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