H A P P Y M a r c h

Happy March to all of YOU.

We are officially in the shift to a new season – spring time –. I automatically associate spring with: rebirth, awakening, growth, renewal. In nature you can watch everything grow and thrive. We as humans can tune into these qualities as well, if we choose to.

What comes up for you, when you think about spring?

Right at the beginning of this month we have the full moon in Virgo sending us some magical vibes. This full moon is all about dreaming big and putting those dreams into manifestation.

In the spirit of: You are the person, who can make your dream come true!

What dream seeds do you want to plant for these upcoming spring months?

My dream seeds are starting slowly starting to grow, which makes me deeply grateful and humbled 😊.

I am doing more and more Yoga lessons in the awesome Bali Yoga Studio. Come visit, if you want to join me.

I am hosting my first official workshop:

Sunday, 04.03. from 14:30 to 17:00

Partner-Yoga & Nuad-Massage Workshop @ Across the Universe Studio

I am more than excited about this event. If you got curious, either send me an email or check out my FB-page for more infos & fun partner Yoga videos with me and my sister.

Another very special event is coming up this month:

Friday, 16.03. from 18.00 to 21.00:

Y O G A meets C A C A O @ Across the Universe Studio

In this beautiful ceremony, we will open our hearts with my two most beloved and sacred tools Yoga & Cacao united. Another amazing special is the fact that my friend: Christina Goebl will be accompanying us with her awesome shamanic drumming medicine. This event is very dear to my heart and I would be so happy and excited to see many of your beautiful faces there.

More infos either directly through ME or in the FB-Event.

More dream seeds are being planted with workshops, Yoga classes in further locations and my special intuitive body life guidance sessions. My biggest dream for now is my own first book being published – I’m already playing with first ideas how to structure it and what to write :D.

Stay tuned for further infos! All of this is SO exciting.

Much L O V E, Light & positive vibes,

Cornelia Aurelia

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