Heaven on Earth

I M A G I N E a world

…where we all go about our day with a big smile on our face.

…where we walk around with an upright posture, not hiding ourselves.

…where we look each other directly into the eyes , meeting ourselves through those windows to the soul.

…where we lift each other up.

…where we support each other’s dreams, visions and ideas.

…where we all carry our loving hearts as our biggest gifts.

…where we share this love with others to create more of it.

…where we respect our elders and honor them for all their wisdom and knowledge.

…where we see our children as the beautiful embodiments of the divine they are.

…where we live with animals as our equal neighbours on this planet.

…where we share the knowledge that we are all one connected consciousness.

…where we are not afraid of creating miracles together.

Would this not be the paradise on earth?

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