21-days Falling in Love with Yourself

We: Madeline, Kiki & I, will be sharing bits and pieces of our personal self love story from the 22th of August to the 12th of September.
The topics will be guided by a yoga inspired chakra journey, by our temple body arts principles & the different faces of the goddess inspired by Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School:
1. Self Love Intro
2. Root Chakra: Grounding down
3. Bamboo Spirit
4. Sacral Chakra: Letting your life force energy flow
5. Innate wisdom
6. Womb Wisdom
7. Solar Plexus Chakra: Holding your sword of discernment & standing in your power
8. Graceful warrior
9. Heart Chakra: Opening up to receive & share all the love
10. Kuan Yin: Forgiveness & Letting go
11. Kali
12. Throat Chakra
13. Saraswati
14. Third Eye Chakra
15. Following your Intuition
16. Dream Canvas
17. Crown Chakra
18. Connecting to spirit & being guided by grace
19. Living Artfully
20. Life as a prayer
21. Self Love Outro

We will be guiding you through the above mentioned topics all with the focus on the topic of falling deeper in love with ourselves.
How can we make our life a living prayer to the rise of the divine feminine and the healing of our world.
How can we show ourselves daily how much we love and value our body, mind and soul?
How can we give meaning to all we do, when we do it with love, compassion and kindness to ourselves?
How can we let go of all stories that might still keep us small and transform them with the fire of our loving heart?
This challenge wants to motivate, uplift and inspire you, to fall even deeper in love with yourself through all the different tools we‘ll share with you! It wants to ask the question what self love means to you and how you are incorporating it into your own daily life.
To participate in this challenge please share your self love practise regarding the topics we offer you daily. Tag all the beautiful goddesses that take part in leading the challenge! And include the hashtags that you see below.
The winners will receive
1. a 3 hour self-love-mentoring with me!
2. coming soon
3. stay tuned.
your host
Cornelia Aurelia
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